My First experience of Birmingham escorts

My first experience of Birmingham escorts begins quite recently. So please allow me to explain my personal circumstances. I am a 34-year-old widowed man. My wife and I had been married for six years before she died of cancer. We had been together in total for sixteen years. She was my first love and my first sexual experience. We had no children together as we loved working hard and saving money to travel the world every year. Her death hit me hard. 

I isolated myself from my friends and family. It made me so angry when they said I would find someone else to love. Or that I was still young enough to enjoy life. They didn’t understand, I wasn’t interested in dating or finding a girlfriend. My isolation led to drinking alcohol to numb the pain. I eventually lost my job because I wasn’t turning up. If I did turn up, I was late, drunk or didn’t do my job. I didn’t want to speak to any of my colleagues or customers. At the time, they did me a favour. I thought great, I can stay at home and be left alone.  

It’s strange how life turns out! On my way home from a beer shop, a puppy ran past me, with a young pretty woman shouting after it. She was clearly trying to catch the puppy. Somehow, I managed to put my foot on its lead and stopped it in its tracks. The young lady was very grateful, they puppy liked me, and we formed a friendship. She lived quite close to me. After a few months she asked if I could dog sit.  

When she dropped the dog off at my house, my jaw dropped at her appearance! She looked amazing! In a short black skirt and high heels. Her hair and makeup were done to perfection. The thought of her going out on a date made me a little jealous?! For the first time since my wife’s death, I wanted to be in the arms of a female. I wanted female companionship. I wanted a kiss and a cuddle. I wanted to feel a naked body against mine! To my surprise, she must have guessed I was having sexual thoughts about her. She smiled at me and kissed me on the cheek. “You know, if you like what you see, ring this number and ask to see Nikita” and she left.  

Well curiosity got the better of me and I rang the number. “Hello, Birmingham escort services” said a friendly and professional female. I stammered and said I would like to see Nikita for an outcall to my home in Birmingham city center. An hour later, my stunning female neighbour was knocking on my door. Her job is a Birmingham escort! We cuddled on the sofa as she gently caressed my body. She kisses my neck. As she unbuttoned my shirt, her kisses moved down to my chest and then down to my pants. I hadn’t felt this alive in a long time! She is an OWO Birmingham escort, and a CIM Birmingham escort. So, I exploded in her mouth. She told me she had a Birmingham escort friend who she does duos with. I rang the Birmingham escort agency and booked Sarah. Before I knew it, I had two girls all over me. They did a sexy lesbian show for me to watch aswell. Birmingham escorts changed my life for the better. I got my life back on track. Everything I need from a female I get from an escort in Birmingham. At my own time, my own pace with no complications or dramas.