My experiences of an escorts first appointment

The experiences of an escort´s first appointment are all very different. First of all, it can depend on her personality. If she is an extrovert and very confident, she is at an advantage because nerves will not be an issue. It also depends on why she is doing the job, some girls do it for the money whilst others do escort work because they love giving and receiving attention. The first appointment can also depend on the client! Most escort agencies will only send regular clients as a new escort´s first booking. Particularly the clients who they know are respectful and not demanding.  

The escort agency can be a big influence as to whether the girls first escort job will be positive or negative. It is in their interest to ensure she has all the information needed so she continues after her first appointment. Obviously, the agency receives a booking fee for every job she has. There are some escort agencies who do not tell their new girls what to expect or that sexual services may be required. Whilst this is a legal issue,” what takes place is strictly between two consenting adults”. Many escorts have been horrified to find out on their first appointment that the client doesn’t just want a dinner date! This has resulted in many escorts first appointments being embarrassing and intimidating. And as a result, they no longer require an escort job. Being upfront and honest with a new escort is very important!  

Many escorts are very surprised at how much fun their first appointment was. Once again, this is usually down to the fact that their agency has allowed a regular client to book her first. Or they have allowed her to meet other experienced escorts to gain advice. Making the process of a first appointment easier.  

Some escorts state that because every client is different, with different needs, every appointment is like a first! They are always dealing with new people, requests, situations and occasions.  

There is a phrase that escort agencies use “First impressions count. If an escort enjoys her first appointment experience, she will always be an escort. If she doesn’t enjoy her first appointment, she will never be an escort”.